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Why buy from us?



 Service After the sale

No used car dealer in the area offers the service, selection, security, stability, price and quality vehicles that CAR CONNECTION CENTRAL, llc offers you.

One Price

We know you hate to haggle over a car. All you want is a fair price and a quality car. That’s the way we feel too. So we price all our cars with the best possible price we can sell them at and still make a reasonable profit. You will usually find that our “One Price” is well below most other dealers “Starting Price”. Eventually they may get to our “One Price”, but is that really the way you want to do business?

We deal fairly, honestly, and explain everything about your vehicle to you before you buy. Many of our vehicles are warranted, and we service them right here in our shop. In addition, we will explain exactly what your car is worth and what we can give you for it. We will never hide the real value by using tricks and inflated prices. If you choose to trade your car, you may. If not, we can give you all the information you need to sell it yourself.

  Why Buy From Us?

  • Over 40 years in the same location means we will be here for this car and the next
  • Our ASC Certified mechanics and multiple service bays means we service what we sell, and ensure that your vehicle is up to our rigid standards
  • All vehicles are warranted, and we inspect all our vehicles prior to sale.
  • One-Price selling means no hassle or haggling to get the best price, it’s on the sticker
  • We pick and choose our vehicles carefully. The ones we don’t buy get sold to our competitors, and they sell them to their customers